Steven DeKnight's interview with Assignment X Part 2 has been posted and there several Lucy mentions:

AX: How did you wind up casting Lucy Lawless, who is married to your fellow executive producer Robert Tapert, in the leading role of Lucretia?

DeKNIGHT: I saw her work on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, which I thought was wonderful. So my only concern was asking Rob, "Hey, how do you feel about your wife being on the show completely naked in all these crazy situations?" [laughs] I was planning on broaching that subject later on, when we started to cast the role. Then he called me up one day and said, "Hey, what do you think about my wife for the part?" And I said, "Oh, I think she's perfect!" I was thrilled to have her. I think the depth of her acting and her skill in this series, it's just stunning. She is so good in this.

AX: Lucy Lawless is still famous for XENA and Peter Mensah, who plays Doctore/Oenomaus was seen by a lot of people being on the receiving end of that "This is Sparta!" kick in 300. Do you have any concerns that putting them in certain situations might at least tap on the fourth wall?

DeKNIGHT: You know, honestly, from our point of view, no. We just wanted the best people for the job and we thought they were hands-down the best people for the job. For example, Peter, who is fantastic in the role as Doctore the trainer, we didn't want to veer away from him just because he had another role. We don't have him kicking anybody into a hole. We definitely don't want to replay classic moments like that. And Lucy will never throw anything circular and sharp, definitely not like that, but it's outside of what these characters actually do anyway.

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