Daemon's TV has a write up about Episode 2 Missio but it's the part in their review about Lucy that I found to be in sync with my feelings about Lucy's portrayal of Lucretia.

I wasn't too sure how Lucy was going to play Lucretia (the younger Lucretia) since we all had an idea of what Lucretia had become (personally I don't hate the B&S Lucretia..I think she's really a very sad and lonely woman even though her husband loves her and she was horizontal dancing with Crixus. I actually liked her but then I like all the bad girls Lucy plays). Lucy as the younger Lucretia is INCREDIBLE. Lucy is enjoying this character so much.

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One person who has also impressed the hell out of me is Lucy Lawless. This prequel Lucretia is filled with all sorts of shifting, conflicted
emotions, and Lawless lets us see them all.

This Lucretia is not as hard-edged (or crazy) as the B&S Lucretia, and Lawless plays her with a younger spirit. It’s not just the makeup, hair, and wardrobe departments taking what appear to be nearly ten years off her age.

She’s doing it with body language and with her eyes. Never have I seen
such uncertainty from a Lucy Lawless character. (I actually thought she was on the downslide after her forgettable turn on Battlestar Galactica, but color me incorrect, and until she disappoints I am now going to refer to her as Lucy Flawless!) I can’t wait to see more development as she hurtles toward the Lucretia we know and hate.

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-- Barbara Davies & MaryD