New Zealand's Otago Daily Times (Online version) newspaper has an article that appears to be very dated but they have just posted it. It's regarding Gods of the Arena but it mentions Liam's signing as Spartacus for Season 2 as only the previous week. As we know, Season 2 is currently being filmed in Auckland.


Lawless back in prequel to 'Spartacus'
Otago Daily Times 26 April 2011

Some interesting snippets:

The prequel grew out of a flashback sequence that was originally going to occur early on in season two to flesh out some of the characters, exploring Batiatus' gladiatorial school. It also sees the rise of a new gladiator, the cocky Gannicus. And there will be much more of Lucretia.

"It's true, you're going to see a lot more of Lucretia, but not just nakedness," Lawless said.

"People are going to be surprised by the relationship between Lucretia and Batiatus... Every decision she makes is out of her love and duty to Batiatus."

She said that while the prequel may have been born out of a need to kill time, no time is wasted.

"There is no foot-dragging in this prequel. We really go at it full-tilt," she said.

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-- News submitted by Barbara Davies