Here is the rundown on what Lucy had to say on the panel from the live tweeting. What did we learn about Lucretia Season 2 that we didn't know before? This is taken from the tweetathon at @ausxip on twitter which was done earlier in the day. It's a tidy version!

Compiled by MaryD

Season 2:

  • Lucretia is out for vengeance
  • Lucretia and Ilithyia's relationship goes places we don't know where...interesting
  • "[Lucretia] is absolutely bereft. She lost her husband" but she'll work to a "platform of power

Lucy quotes from Panel

  • Lawless not like Lucretia: "I do it to experience a parallel existence safely, w/o consequence"
  • Lucy & Lucretia have in common: "This is who I would be & had to say these things"
  • Lucy loved the scifi and will keep doing at.
  • Lucy: "I like extreme worlds. I like to utilize every part of me" Hoots "Oh shutup!"
  • Lucy Lawless says the relationship between Lucretia & Illythia will take many twists and turns in season 2.
  • Lucy: Lucretia and Ilysia's realtionship goes places you can't guess
  • The eternal love affair between Lucy Lawless and comic-con continues as fans go wild for the star.
  • Lucy: Asher is back "He's totally there, like laugh out loud brilliant"
  • Lawless also promises more "hot beefcake" for us this season. Well, Lucretia would know ...
  • Lucy: Whole lotta new hot beefcake in S2 for fans
  • Where's Doctore? Getting whipped ... Lawless: "Yes, but he deserved it"
  • Fan says Doctore was getting whipped in preview. Lucy: I know but her deserved it.
  • Gannicus has been "banging chicks." Hey, it's gannicus. What else do you expect?
  • And just like that, the conversation turns to orgies and porridge. Thanks Manu and Lucy!
  • Lawless talks about shtupping people on the show
  • Lucy: Lucretia smells a little offShe's lost her hubby, presumably her child. "Crawl my way ba…...
  • Lawless: "[Lucretia] is absolutely bereft. She lost her husband" but she'll work to a "platform of power"
  • DeKnight: "Spartacus isn't the only one out for vengeance" (looks at Lucy Lawless) Lucretia lives!
  • says she enters into a "kind of holy matrimony with someone... not saying who" this season on

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