has an interesting article about the Spartacus Comic Con press roundtable event which they liked to speed dating - you have 10 minutes to interview the actor and then another is brought in, sits down and then rinse and repeat!

They wrote the following about Lucy:

ImageLucy Lawless was gorgeous and funny and came to the table with incredible energy. You always knew what table she was at by the frequent bursts of laughter. At a wedding reception, she’s totally the ring leader at the rowdy table. She noted that the fact that Lucretia is back for Season 2 is all thanks to the fans. Two different endings were shot during the finale to allow the production the flexibility to make that “posthumous” choice. She didn’t lobby to come back, trusting that Steven would do what’s right for the show – and saying that he likes to mess with the audience’s mind. Lucretia has “a lot of payback to dish out.” But she also has to find a way to survive after losing everything. There will be romance for her, if you can call it that. “It’s all about power. She continues to use sex as a weapon.” Touching on some of her past roles, she said she doesn’t miss stunt work at all. She hated all of the fighting she had to do during Xena. She also enjoys the more colorful and organic world of ancient Rome compared to the cold and dark of deep space. “Don’t go to space. If you have the chance don’t do it. It’s not as fun as you think.”

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