“Spartacus: Vengeance” – A Chat with Lucy Lawless with IMDB Blog

**Interview contains MINOR spoilers***

The last time we saw Lucretia, the scheming Roman noblewoman played by Lucy Lawless in the Starz action series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” she had been run through by an escaping gladiator and was bleeding to death on the floor. Quite a difference from the good life she had previously enjoyed on the backs of slaves.

But nothing we’ve seen Lawless in before appears to be as psychologically challenging as Lucretia, a formidable woman who, in spite of her intimidating appearance, Lawless characterized as “a little fish swimming for her life with all of these sharks on every side.”

We sat down with the gracious New Zealand actress at the Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour in Los Angeles to ask her about what’s in store for Lucretia, whose main source of solace this season will be playing “vicious parlor games” with her enemy Ilithyia.

(You may want to watch the trailer first…and beware that this Q&A contains mild spoilers.)

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