ImageThe Big Issue interviews Jaime Murray (Gaia on Spartacus: Gods of the Arena) and goes into her acting career such as Hustle, Warehouse 13 and of course Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Jaime is also asked about working with Lucy and their romantic scenes together:

“You know, I wasn’t more nervous because it was a woman...” she replies before pausing. “I don’t know, maybe. Maybe it was more nerve-wracking. The fact is Lucy and I became really good friends. It sounds so weird and I [hadn’t] even thought of it until you [asked], but if I am doing a sex scene with a guy I just want to get through it.

“When I am doing a sex scene, I don’t really care if we become friends. In fact I think it can be a bit weird if we do become friends. I don’t even necessarily care about getting him to like me, [just] getting the scene done.

“With Lucy, I don’t know whether it was because she was such a great woman or whether it was because she was a woman, but I needed her to be okay. I needed us to be friends. Maybe I just inherently need to be liked more by women than I do by men so perhaps for me there was more at stake.”

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