Michael Ausiello received a pretty cool gift from Lucy from the Spartacus set - one of those spectacular gold masks from one of my favourite episodes of Season 1 - Episode 9: Whore.

ImageMichael Ausiello
MichaelAusiello Michael Ausiello
Congrats @Niknud1 for being the first to correctly guess the gift giver (Lucy Lawless) & show from which it came (SPARTACUS) #bestswagever

Michael Ausiello
An actress I adore swiped this prop from the show she currently stars on and mailed it to me. It just arrived. Guess... say.ly/lAUWtY



Not sure if this is the same mask worn by Spartacus before Ilithyia went loco with Licinia and smashed the poor woman's brains on Batiatus' favourite tiles.