Greenpeace has released a new photo of Lucy standing in front of the No Drill No Spill sign. The signs are popping up all over Auckland.

Click here for the image

On 9th November 2011, Lucy added her name to a petition for a stop to the Government's plans for deep sea oil drilling off New Zealand's coasts, and for a halt to plans to expand the coal industry. Greenpeace petition calling for a shift to clean sources of energy. The number of people signing the petition has surged since the Rena disaster, and the total is now over 100,000. (Read the full press release)

Lucy said: "I'd urge anyone who wants to protect our coasts from an even worse oil spill than that which we saw in Tauranga, to sign this petition. By doing so, they'll also be doing something positive about the climate crisis that this planet is facing." 

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