Ausiello was asked about Spartacus Vengeance and this is his response - if you are keeping spoiler free...don't read further - love his description of Lucy's Lucretia for Season 2!

Question: Please get us some news on Spartacus: Vengeance. You have been way to quiet about this show! --Seena

Ausiello: Well, since I just received (and screened) the first two episodes (airing Jan. 27 and Feb. 3), right now seems like a perfect time for me to break my silence, don't you think? Now then, I'll admit it was bittersweet diving back into the action so soon after Andy Whitfield's death. And, as strong a first impression as his successor, Liam McIntyre, makes, Andy's spirit loomed large for me throughout the first episode. How could I -- or anyone -- watch Spartacus 2 without thinking about Spartacus 1?

But by Episode 2, I was fully immersed in what was going on on-screen. So much so that I can say -- and happily, I might add -- that both the character and the show remain in top form. In fact, the series continues to push the envelope where blood and sex are concerned. (The gauntlet's been thrown, True Blood.) Within the first two episodes, there's an orgy as well as some of the most brutal slayings ever. (Seriously -- Lorena Bobbit would be proud.) There's also a heartbreaking death that is preceded by an even more heartbreaking last wish.Oh, and as those promos made pretty clear, Lucretia's alive and she's bats#*! crazy!