Image634837229808466797The Huffington Post has an interview with Nick Offerman who will be Lucy's love interest on Parks and Recreation.
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Here are some of the Lucy tidbits from that interview.

"When we came down to figuring out who it was going to be, we realized that the world of popular culture had been creating the perfect candidate for many years: the female champion of the universe."

When asked how many episodes Lucy will be in, Nick said at least 3 or 4  (we initially got the news that Lucy will be in a couple of episodes so it looks like this has increased to 3 or 4 which is FANTASTIC!)

On working with Lucy:
It was really fun also to just have someone who has such a statuesque presence. Lucy is such an incredible leading lady that I haven't had the opportunity in my entire career to stand next to someone like her and speak dialogue, so it's pretty exciting. [Laughs.]

So you were a fan of hers before?
My favorite work of hers has been "Battlestar Galactica." It's been one of the many incredible boons of my dream job is I get to work with people who walk among the giants. [Laughs.]

Read the full interview here

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