AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Chicago Subsite has been updated.

- Updated Hotel Information

- Tickets for the 20th November you will need to contact the box office and book.
There is a glitch on the site (this is happening with all browsers) and it won't let you select seats.
Call the following number to book: +64 9 309 9771


Tickets are available for the floor, the balcony and further up the back. See the image for the setting. It looks like
the stage is in the middle - that's quite a set up.

Adult Earlybird $62.00 (this is also listed as $52.00 for later dates)

Group 6+ Earlybird $49.00 ($42.00)

Concession Earlybird $42.00 ($37.00)

Senior Earlybird $57.00 ($52.00)



Sold Out
Tickets for 2nd November have sold out.

Please note these dates are selling fast:

Tickets for 7 November - only 2 tickets left!
Tickets for 8 November - 33 tickets left
Tickets for 12 November - 10 tickets left
Tickets for 16 November - 34 tickets left
Tickets for 22 November - 27 tickets left

The show runs from 1-24 November


Click here to book tickets online