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Join us Friday night as the one and only stunning Lucy Lawless stop by UJR to show that she's not only a Warrior Princess but a wildlife warrior who doesn't play around.  Last year Lucy made headlines when she boarded a Shell Oil Drilling Ship and took up residence in order to protest drilling in the arctic.
She's on UJR along with Phil "The Frogman" Bishop, a New Zealand professor who is working double time to hlep New Zealand's precious Frog population which is in decline due to habitat destruction and pressure from introduced mammalian predators like feral cats and more.

DO NOT miss this very special episode fo UrbanJunglesRadio when we speak with Lucy Lawless about the current state of the environment and what we need to do to make the world a better place!

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Image635079128426610041Back in August 2011 Lucy took part in a Greenpeace auction to raise awareness and to inform New Zealanders to protect their environment by photographing places or animals that were important to her on the environment. Lucy said she chose to capture an image of a frog because the creatures were highly sensitive to water and forest health, and crucial barometers for our environment. Lucy's frog sold for $505 but what was more important, it highlighted the need to save their habitats.

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On 7 May 2012 Lucy had a visitor staying over. Phil Bishop is lecturer at Otago University. He travels the world implementing programs to save the most least cuddly & most vulnerable. Lucy tweeted the following about this:

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