Here’s a round up of tweets and photos from today’s event leading up to DragonCon. Lucy was at the Braves baseball game today to signal the start of the game (Liam McIntyre threw the first pitch).

You can find the most updated schedule for Lucy on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless DragonCon Event Page

Before we get to the images, here is the schedule for Lucy for Friday’s events at DragonCon

Fri 01:00 pm (MAIN)

  • Spotlight on Lucy Lawless [rebroadcast dc tv at 5:30 and maybe on DragonCon YouTube Channel]
    Say hello to the Warrior Princess herself! L. Lawless; Fri 1:00 pm; Atrium Ballroom [M]

Photo Ops

  • Friday 2:45pm-3:15pm - International Hall North



  • Friday 10am-12pm and 3:30pm-6pm Marriott Marquis International Level Room 7.


and now the photo roundup!




The following photos are from @Belleamie47 on Twitter – I didn’t embed them because they were coming up as sideways views so I righted them. Many thanks to Belleamie47 for the pics!




and that was the first day! <g> I’m sure there is going to be a heck more photos coming through over the coming days.