DragonCon Day 3 has revealed more great photo ops and a mishap for Lucy. Seems she pulled a muscle in her leg while she was running for the Adventure Time panel! Ouch.  The photo ops for the day with Lucy were cancelled (for obvious reasons).
People were advised that if they had a Photo Op with Lucy for today, they could come back on Sunday or get a refund.

After being treated, Lucy did show up at the Spartacus panel in a wheelchair, resting that gimpy leg, and was she pushed by Liam McIntyre onto the Spartacus Panel.

From all the tweets coming through Lucy is making a lot of fans deliriously happy! My favourite photo so far is the one of Lucy photo bombing a Xena cosplay group. That was just mind blowing for those fans and made me smile! See the photo below!

There was also a photo of Lucy signing autographs and a very familiar face showing up next to her – yes Jason is at DragonCon as well! See the tweet below!

For all the photos, video and other news related to Lucy’s DragonCon Event, head on over to the
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Manu pushing Lucy’s wheelchair! The caption is hysterical!