Image635148621867108303Image635148621699593226Lucy has autographed the matchbox inside the box while Chuy sits happily on the cover. The matchbox was originally donated by Lucy to Amnesty International auction.

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The plant is a grey tillandsia (follow the link to find out more about the amazing plant) and it seems, from Lucy's message below, that it doesn't require alot to keep it alive and healthy:

Looks like it needs to be spritzed with water. Needs a drink but they draw it from the air so just a spritz will perk him up. His name is Chuy. (Pronounced "Chewy")
Lucy Lawless
- 12 June 2013



Please be aware that if you want to bid on "Chuy", he is a living plant and if you are outside of NZ please check with Customs in your country to see what is required about importing a plant. The botanical name for "Chuy" is Grey Tillandsia

The matchbox artwork was originally made for Strike, an auction for Amnesty International where designers, musicians and more were tasked with creating art measuring at just 5cm x 7cm with Beehive matchboxes. It has been kindly donated by Lorenzo Barruscotto.

***Please be aware Chuy is a living plant***

Money raised from this auction goes directly to the Starship Foundation.

Support for the national children's hospital is an extra to Government funding and provides for initiatives such as building refurbishments, new medical technology, vital research, boosted family support, preventative programmes and staff training.