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Lucy is interviewed at Comic Con - there are 4 short clips on Getty Images / Wire Image Video of Lucy answering questions about Spartacus. Looks like a press briefing.

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Lucy Pictures on Flickr

Picture #1 | Picture #2

Pictures of the Panel by Steven Sears


San Diego Comic-Con 2009 in Review by David Hill

It's Tuesday and I'm still coming down from about 36 action-packed hours at San Diego Comic-Con 2009.


I dropped my bag off and then we went over to the W hotel to continue partying super hard with my soulmate Lucy Lawless, whom you no doubt know from such programs as "Xena," "Battlestar Galactica," and the upcoming "Spartacus," a show on which you can see her boobs I understand. That is a photo of Lucy and I having a really great time together above. Lucy and I agreed that hanging out together in each others' arms was pretty much our favorite thing to do in life.


If I know the three of us, this is just the first of many professional sports facilities we will be breaking into at night in the years to come. Maybe my soulmate Lucy Lawless will come with us next time. Sure, we fight sometimes, but I just can't stay mad at her.

Dave Hill

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