I've received quite a few emails about the topic of Lucy and her naked antics on Spartacus. Some good, some not so good. Please don't try to engage me in long emails about why Lucy is doing what she is doing and what my thoughts are on it. Lucy has made her choice and until we see the actual show; we're going by the trailer. Of course TPTB will show the most gory or nekkid scenes to grab everyone's attention. Boy did they get everyone's attention! It's been a feeding frenzy.

My thoughts on the matter of Lucy in her birthday suit is this:

Just added the following to the Lucy FAQ on the Lucy Site:

Lucy has indicated that she will be appearing nude on the new show Spartacus during the 2009 Comic Con Panel, AUSXIP will not be posting any images of Lucy completely naked. If/When Lucy does go starkers and certain areas are shown, our wonderful friend Pixelation will come into play.

There will be HD Screencaptures from the show of Lucy and the rest of the cast but certain body parts will be pixelated or not captured.

If you wish to find these images, let google be your friend and do a search for them.

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