Here are some Lucy mentions from around the net this week:

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A Conversation with Zoe Bell
JA: You and Lucy Lawless are actually starring together in a new film, ANGEL OF DEATH. Tell us what we can expect from that project. ...

The following exerpt is from a longer article about Liberty Media who have a stake in Starz who are producing Spartacus.


Spartacus, slated to air in January 2010, has generated the most buzz . It stars Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galactica actress Lucy Lawless and one of its executive producers is Spider-Man director Sam Raimi.

"Spartacus could be a franchise for us," Starz executive vice president and chief financial officer Glenn Curtis said at the investors meeting.

Curtis said screenings for the Spartacus series sold out at MIPCOM in Cannes, France, this month and that Starz sales executives took more than 200 meetings about the series at that television syndication bazaar.

Starz has already made plans for a home video release (on Starz's own Anchor Bay entertainment), a video game and a motion comic tied to the series.

"All of this is to extend the reach and the frequency of Spartacus, to make people aware," Curtis said.

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