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Lucy came back on at the end for the final song together with all the performers. She was dressed in a white shirt with her hair in pigtails.Apologies again for the quality..it is set to the highest available for the stream...Lucy did a Xena yell towards the end which was cool.


Alrighty...a recap...The song list was:

Losing My Religion
Fooled Around & Fell In Love
Delta Dawn

Lucy was AWESOME! She looked and sounded fantastic even with the choppy stream (isn't there a song about choppy streams?), loved the long dark wig, Daisy was in her Sunshine Band as one of the BV's and Lucy's voice was strong. Another great performance!

lucynzmusic094.jpgApologies for the picture quality - the streaming video wasn't very good across the ditch so  my apologies..here are some screencaptures - better video and pictures to follow from around the web and other places (one hopes).




and that's the end of Lucy's time on stage!

and now GLORIA!

Fooling Around & Fell in Love followed by one of my favourites - Delta Dawn!

Lucy is singing - Losing My Religion ...looks SMASHING! The steam is CHOPPY!

Rhys Darby has announced 5,000 people marched today in Auckland and 2,000 in Wellington
Don McGleshan is performing...

The Ziln streaming video is mega choppy ...

the weather is dry but the grass is a tad overwatered...the marchers are coming in and there are HEAPS of people!

She's wearing a black wig (which may or may not be her new hair colour but it is longer than normal so it may be a wig)

The Fashion Rejects are at it again (you knew we would make another running commentary...we still don't know diddly)...okay Lucy is wearing black top, green pants, still with the black wig...no shoes...can't see them but she is wearing some.

Jo is at the concert venue and she is reporting in having watching a little of the sound check..
Lucy is performing Gloria and Fooled Around & Fell in Love!

Daisy is doing BV duties...

Stay tuned....



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