S1E8 – Ilithyia Mark of the Brotherhood

Episode 108 'Mark of the Brotherhood' Ilithyia contemplates owning a new gladiator recruit as she assesses their qualities. Oh my!

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ImageS1E8 – A Lesson from the Champion of Capua

Episode 108 ‘Mark of the Brotherhood’ Spartacus makes his point at Crixus expense. Friday, 3/12 at 10pm et/pt on Starz

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ImageBatiatus purchases a fresh batch of slaves at an auction to be trained as gladiators and ponders the idea of selling Crixus. Illythia coaxes a new recruit to try to kill Spartacus.

Season 1 Episode 8: Mark of Brotherhood
Episode Preview by MaryD

My first reaction to this episode was ‘oh those poor slaves’ and then it was “oh my those slaves” <g> Illythia new slave has some serious problems on his hands by the end of the episode. Since the log line spoils that particular pairing he does indeed try and please his new Domina.

The episode has several subplots running through it. The aftermath of Crixus’ wounds, Naevia and Lucretia’s concern for him; neither of them wants to see Crixus be sold off to another Ludus, Barca’s “freedom”, the relationship between Crixus and Spartacus, the power plays, Varro and the rest of the Ludus. It’s a hotbed of intrigue. Batiatus is up to his usual nasty ways but that’s now normal programming for the Dominos.

We get new slaves who are in for a world of hurt (some more than others). One major subplot involves Lucretia and her BFF Illythia. What a fascinating look at those two. I have a feeling Illythia is in WAY over her head with Lucretia.

The young Roman is going to find herself in a very sticky situation; one of her own making that will come back and bite her.

The ending will make you sit up and take note. Two slaves follow their Domina’s orders…one is thrilled and the other…not so thrilled with the outcome. Let’s just say it’s sometimes not a great idea to follow the orders of your Domina. Not a good idea at all.

Rating: 8/10

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