The following was posted via email from Greenpeace and it's a message from Lucy:

Last week, Robyn Malcolm and I paid a visit to beautiful Paparoa National Park on the West Coast, one of the conservation areas the Government wants to mine - for coal. Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee reckons coal is "sexy", so Robyn and I have put together this little video as a tribute to its sexiness. Check it out (if you're over 18!!).

More a New Zealander I always thought that conservation land would be there.  Jeez, what part of 'conservation' don't they understand?

Digging it up to burn more coal and pollute our children's atmosphere is not ETHICAL, not SMART and not FORWARD THINKING. In short it is un-Kiwi. Don't do it!

We need clean, sustainable energy not coal mining and climate change. Tourists I spoke to at Paparoa were in disbelief that our Government is even considering this. Mining our conservation land means stealing from our kids. We are responsible for turning this around. So let's make sure John Key gets the message loud and clear on May 1.

We need a big turnout on Queen St at 11am - so see you there!

Lucy  Lawless

PS if you can't make it along (because, say, you live in the South Island) please forward this message to as many Aucklanders as you possibly can.

For more news and multimedia on Lucy's Anti-Mining Greenpeace role, visit the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Anti-Mining in New Zealand subsite
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