Lucy Happy to be Forever Xena
Monday 24th May 2010

Her next TV role is about to make her a screen icon all over again, but Lucy Lawless realises she will always be Xena in the hearts of her fans. But the star of new historical epic Spartacus: Blood and Sand, says the fans of her Nineties fantasy yarn have made her what she is today.

She told the Press Association: "They are fantastic. If you have those kind of fans you should value them because they are just so powerful and loyal and they will give you so much - they will stick with you." but she admits to sometimes feeling peculiar about the lengths her fans will go to prove their support.

She laughed: "I hate it when people get tattoos of me or Gabrielle. Sometimes they're really wonky!

"People can do what they want but people ask me to sign their arm and they'll run off and get it tattooed and they come back and show me and I'm like 'what have you done?' I hate that. I even feel weird signing a kid's T-shirt in case their mothers want to kill me. Please, no."

The new series airs Tuesdays on Bravo at 10pm.


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