The Times Online has a very lengthy article about Spartacus and a review about the show.

The historical mini-series just got sexier

Lucy is quoted in the article:

It’s just that kind of thinking that got Xena on board. Lawless jumped at the script because her part was like Lady Macbeth, but much more naked. She plays Lucretia, Batiatus’s wife — “A toxic and heinous plotter whose only saving grace is that she loves her husband as far as her cold heart will allow,” she explains. “I realised this was a new kind of television — although I’m not sure I realised quite how new. There was a bit of press uproar before it launched, and I’d been out there banging on in interviews about how tame we really were. Then, when I saw the first episode, I thought, ‘Oh my God, we really do linger on those sex scenes. And maybe we went a bit over the top with the masturbation scene in episode two.’ That’s when the audience realises, ‘We’re not in Kansas any more.’

In calling it a new kind of television, Lawless has pretty much hit the retiarius on the galea.

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