The following was sent via email from Greenpeace this morning (AUSXIP was down for 5 hours due to a hard drive change so it wasn't posted until now).


I am Speechless

z0,000 people! I am speechless.

We made history on the weekend with the March Against Mining. Together we did something extraordinary and you should feel proud.

It’s been reported as the biggest protest in a generation and very clearly laid down a challenge to John Key’s Government that cannot be ignored.

The Government is on the back foot now and has severely underestimated how deeply feelings run in NZ when our environment is under threat. We must take action now to build on the massive momentum we’ve created. If you haven’t already, make an online submission now – it only takes about 30 seconds.

If you already have, then forward this message to as many people as you
can, and share the action link on Facebook.

Stopping these mining proposals will be a turning point for New Zealand,
where we make the decision as a country to put environmental
sustainability at the forefront of our economy.

We made history on Saturday, but we’ve still got work to do.

More to come soon,

Nick Young and the team at Greenpeace.

PS. There are images and video from the march here

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