Mens Health Magazine held a competition and the prize was a walk on role on Spartacus Gods of the Arena. Randy Barnes travelled to New Zealand for the role. He also got some TLC from Lucy Lawless and Jaime Murray. Check out the video towards the end to see them.



Ever wonder how Hollywood actors get in such great shape? Check out The Spartacus Workout. It’s a training plan designed for the cast of the Starz television show Spartacus—and perhaps the most popular workout in Men’s Health history. It’s also the same routine that landed Men’s Health reader Randy Santel a role on the show. In a competition with thousands of MH readers, Barnes came away with the title of “best transformation” as judged by the Starz producers. His prize: A trip to New Zealand to appear on the television show. Check out this behind-the-scenes video which takes you onto the set of Spartacus. The best part: A special appearance by actress Lucy Lawless.

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