lucy-lawless.jpgHere's the latest news update from Greenpeace about the upcoming auction to raise money for their flagship Rainbow Warrior III. Lucy is donating herself for a dinner date and has two of her most prized artworks in the auction. Check out Lucy's messages about the art and photos of them on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Rainbow Warrior III Auction page

What do Lucy Lawless, Lio Messi and William Shatner have in common?

They've all generously given their time, personal items and profile to help raise funds towards the Rainbow Warrior III.

They 're among many well-known global citizens who've donated everything from "meet and greet" opportunities to signed memorabilia and artwork to a fundraising auction for Greenpeace's new flagship.

New Zealand's own Lucy Lawless has donated a dinner with her (in Auckland or LA) and an amazing Michael Parekowhai artwork, while fellow Kiwi Rhys Darby has produced a one-off signed cartoon for the Warrior.

The online auction kicks off next Thursday 25th. Click here for the Charity Buzz Greenpeace Auction page

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And, if you feel inspired, you can make an instant cash donation to the Rainbow Warrior III here.

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For more about Lucy's role as Greenpeace Ambassador, check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Greenpeace Subsite