Hop on over to Lucy's official site where a new blog post has been sent in about the auction of this little guy. He's a tiny Archey's Frog.

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- Illuminate Our Place - Lucy Lawless Photo Auction for Greenpeace
- Lucy Lawless' Photos in New Exhibition "Illuminate Our Place" - To Be Auctioned

Here's some interesting facts about the frog Lucy chose to photograph:

Archey's frog - is found only in the Coromandel and in one site west of Te Kuiti. It is the smallest native frog, growing up to 37mm long. It lives in misty, moist areas around 400m in altitude.

New Zealand's native frogs have several distinctive features, which make them very different from frogs elsewhere in the world:

  • They have no external eardrum.
  • They have round (not slit) eyes.
  • They don't croak regularly like most frogs.
  • They don't have a tadpole stage. The embryo develops inside an egg, and then hatches as an almost fully-formed frog. The young of most species are cared for by their parents - for example, the male Archey's frog may carry his young offspring around on his back.

All this info was found on the Dept of Conservation in New Zealand website

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