Hey folks, many people have been asking how they can help Andy's family. Lucy has sent in the following note and way to help the family out - trust fund has been set up where you can donate to help out.

UPDATE: I believe TPTB are working on getting a paypal account for people to donate so news of that will be coming soon and a physical address for people to send cheques/checks to.


Dear Friends,

a trust fund has been set up for Andy's family. we are all keen to let Vashti know that her unwavering support of her husband's career was very much appreciated. Without her, Andy would never have left his career as a structural engineer to fulfill his dreams. She put her own career on hold to back him up. Filming schedules often leave the partner holding the baby 60 + hours a week for months on end. Andy's wife was a tower of strength through thick and thin. We want her to know how touched we were by his portrayal of Spartacus and how grateful we are for her part in it.
Blessings always,

The most important thing for Andy is that his family are supported in their future and so a facility has been established for anyone who wishes to contribute.

Bank details for accepting payment to Andy Whitfield?s Estate.

Please note, this is an AUD currency account based in Australia so any transfers will be deemed foreign transfers on their end.

HSBC Bank Australia
Account Name: RGM Artist Group Pty Ltd Trust Account
Swift Code: HKBAAU2S
Branch Code: 343-001
Account No: 206 036 002
Currency: AUD
Reference: "Whitfield Donation"

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