Here's 6 videos of Lucy (part of a one interview broken up into segments) talking about Spartacus, Lucretia and aspects of acting. This appears to be either from Comic Con or the TCA event.

ThumbnailLucy Lawless on Andy Whitfield's replacement

Lucy Lawless talks about Liam McIntyre, who is set to replace Andy Whitfield on Spartacus.



Lucy Lawless interview on Andy Whitfield

Lucy Lawless talks about when Andy Whitfield got diagnosed with cancer.


Lucy Lawless on playing Lucretia

Lucy Lawless says that the role of Lucretia on Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is a real test of her acting skills.

Lucy Lawless on Spartacus' audience

Actress Lucy Lawless says that the Spartacus series doesn't have a specific demographic and appeals to a lot of people, so long as they're not ...

Lucy Lawless interview on sex scenes

After stripping off the clothes for Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Lucy Lawless says that sex scenes never get easy.


ThumbnailLucy Lawless interview on acting

The New Zealand actress talks about her acting style and the roles she gets.

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