ImageLucy attended 2011 TEDMED in San Diego in October 2011.

TEDMED had 50+ Speakers and 700 Attendees who explored the future of medicine, healthcare and technology in San Diego from October 25 - 28, 2011.

CNN reports about her presence at the convention

Lucy said: "It's like a beauty pageant for brilliant people, where you sit in the audience and all these geniuses comes out and like, parade their incredible brilliance in front of you,"

"I'm not a geek, but I love geeks," she said. "I love these people who have focused all their attention on like, lasers, on some particular area."

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SAN DIEGO, Oct. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TEDMED,, the annual conference where cutting-edge science and technology leaders "connect, understand and inspire" to advance the art of health and medicine with new ideas, the latest science and innovative technology, today announced its headline speakers. The conference's roster includes more than 50 preeminent leaders in health, medicine, science, technology, business, government, academia, media and the arts. They will gather in San Diego at the Hotel del Coronado from October 25 -28 for the 2011 TEDMED conference.

Speakers, attendees and participants will range from Nobel Prize-winning scientists (Dr. Peter Agre) to sports superstars (Lance Armstrong, Diana Nyad), inventors (Dean Kamen), and the U.S. Surgeon General (Dr. Regina Benjamin). Topics to be explored by TEDMED speakers will range from genomics to telomeres, new drug development, next-generation medical imaging and dozens more as each speaker addresses a specific question about health and medicine.

More than 700 TEDMED attendees including researchers, physicians, technologists and policy experts will foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning. Institutions of excellence represented by speakers and attendees will include Biomedical Engineering Institute of the Imperial College of London, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Cornell Medical College, DEKA Research and Development, Fungi Perfecti, Insightec, Intellimedicine, Intuitive Surgical, Johns Hopkins, Merck, Mt. Sinai Medical School, Novocure, O'Reilly Media, Organovo, PEPSICO, Pfizer, Physcient, Telome Health, the VisualMD, Walgreen Co., Weight Watchers, University of California San Diego Department of Surgery, University of California San Francisco Medical School, University of Southern California Medical School, University of North California Chapel Hill Department of Chemistry, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Office of Technology and the X-Prize Foundation.

TEDMED will continue to be the health and medicine event of the year where speakers and sponsors will unveil innovations on stage and in the TEDMED Innovation Showcase. Last year's conference attendees were the first to see Bionic devices that allow paralyzed individuals to walk; a machine that prints 3D tissue on demand; a pill that contains both a camera and tiny surgical tools that can be remote-controlled once inside the patient's body; and GPS-enabled smartphone apps that provide real-time health data to patients.

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