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December 2011 Archives

31 December 2011

Lucy Lawless Interview with Italian Vanity Fair 14 December 2011 Issue

Lucy is interviewed in the Italian Vanity Fare Magazine 14 December 2011 Issue. Scans were contributed by Federica Neddi and sent in by Barbara Bruno. Barbara has volunteered to translate the article from Italian to English for AUSXIP and that should be uploaded soon.




You can find out more about Lucy's role on Spartacus by going to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus subsite



31 December 2011

Spartacus Trading Cards - Legends & Lore Card Premium Pack

ImageSpartacus: Legends & Lore Card Premium Pack

This all-new series will feature cards based on the original Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as well as the prequel series, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Each box will also come with a guarantee of a Lucy Lawless (Lucretia) or Jaime Murray (Gaia) autograph card! Inserts will include 18 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Synopsis Cards (2 per pack), 9 Gladiators in Action (1 per pack), 9 Andy Whitfield Tribute Cards (1 per pack), 9 Women of Spartacus Cards (1 per pack), and 12 Spartactus Gold Plaque Cards (1 per pack). Autographs will include: John Hannah, Many Bennett, Dustin Clare, and many more (2 per pack).

Click here to order


ImageSpartacus: Legends & Lore Card Album

This all-new series will feature cards based on the original Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as well as the prequel series, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Each box will also come with a guarantee of a Lucy Lawless (Lucretia) or Jaime Murray (Gaia) autograph card! Inserts will include 18 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Synopsis Cards (2 per pack), 9 Gladiators in Action (1 per pack), 9 Andy Whitfield Tribute Cards (1 per pack), 9 Women of Spartacus Cards (1 per pack), and 12 Spartactus Gold Plaque Cards (1 per pack). Autographs will include: John Hannah, Many Bennett, Dustin Clare, and many more (2 per pack).

Click here to order the Album



31 December 2011

New Spartacus Artwork by Calli - The Women of Spartacus


Calli has sent in a new Spartacus wallpaper of the Women of Spartacus: Lucretia, Ilithyia and Mira


Click on the thumbnail for the larger artwork



31 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Lucretia & Ilithyia Episode Still From Ep 10 Wrath Of The Gods

Starz has released Spartacus Vengeance episode stills for episode 10 with Lucy as Lucretia in addition to episodes 5-9.
For Episode Stills for Eps 1-10 check out the AUSXIP Spartacus Vengeance Episode Guide



Episode #10 Wrath of the Gods

Dwindling supplies bring the rebellion to its knees; Spartacus tries restore hope.

Airdate: 03-30-2012

Credits | Official Site | Episode Stills

For more images of Lucy as Lucretia and other info on Spartacus Vengeance, check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus subsite



30 December 2011

High Resolution Lucy as Lucretia Photos from Spartacus: Vengeance

These images appear on the site and it appears he is a Starz employee and art director. Gorgeous photos.


Click here to view all the images



30 December 2011

AUSXIP The Year In Review

Image2011 is coming to a close and it's been quite a year. Here are some of the interesting things that happened on AUSXIP in the course of the year. The highlight for me (in a year chock full of highlights) is AUSXIP's 15th birthday and the support I have received from my very loyal sidekicks Roger and Lori. Added to the mix was Lucy's active role in sending messages / pics throughout the year for various events and the wonderful interview she gave for the 15th Anniversary. Renee came to the 15th Anniversary party with a fantastic third interview with AUSXIP. Lots of good stuff happened in 2011 and some sadness as well. We lost some Xenites and a Thracian warrior, Andy Whitfield.

What's coming up in 2012? I can pretty much guarantee that AUSXIP will be around for another year. We will be live blogging the Final Journey Convention, The 6th AUSXIP Charity Auction will be held on 21-28 March 2012 and a whole bunch of other cool things which we don't know about yet.

May you all have an absolutely awesome end of year party and let's hope 2012 is all that you wish for and more.

Below is the highlights of the AUSXIP Year.





  • AUSXIP Lesley-Ann Brandt fan site merges with Official Site


  • It was generally a quiet month ausxip related but lots of updates


  • MaryD head to New Zealand and meets up with Starship; awesome bunch with new CEO Brad Clark!
  • Lucy graciously signs a whole bunch of stuff for the new AUSXIP Charity Auction in 2012. Quite a few are incredible for Xena fans and Sparty fans.
  • Viva Bianca and Katrina Law also contribute some incredible for those in the AUSXIP Charity Auction 21-28 March 2012!
  • The 2012 Xena Convention Page added - The Final Journey
  • AUSXIP Noir is born! AUSXIP Noir is Rob Tapert's new show on the Starz Network coming in 2012.
  • AUSXIP TV Zone is now live (and will have a very short life)
  • AUSXIP Viva Bianca is merged to become The Official Viva Bianca Site


  • Official Campbell Cooley Site is born! Campbell appeared in Xena, Legend of the Seeker and now Spartacus. Long overdue site.
  • AUSXIP Reporter Lori interviews Katrina Law, Liam McIntyre and Manu Bennett at Comic Con (hysterical "interview". Lori lost complete control and it became a fun free for all between the three castmates. Lori gave up trying to control or ask question. Watch here: Part 1 and Part 2
  • I go insane during Comic Con (well more insane than normal). That was one very busy weekend and wish the Sparty kids would all go home and stop giving interviews.



  • Andy Whitfield passes away and AUSXIP Andy Whitfield is now a tribute site
  • Lucy Lawless sends message about Andy's passing and details on how to help Andy's family with the Andy Whitfield Trust Fund
  • Starship Spring Clean Auction Watch
  • AUSXIP Supports Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week
  • AUSXIP Frog Committee buys Lucy's Archey's Frog for Greenpeace and the print is donated to Starship




See you in 2012!!



30 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode 5 Log Line and Episode Still - SPOILERS

The Official Starz Spartacus site has been updated with a new episode still and a log line for the episode: CONTAINS SPOILERS


Spartacus leads a bold mission to free Crixus from Roman captivity, but a storied gladiator from the House of Batiatus complicates matters. Ilithyia's scheming puts her marriage to Glaber at risk

Click here to read more Episode names and log lines



30 December 2011

Uncovering Hollywood's Secret Irish Heritage - Irish Independent 27 December 2011

The Ireland based Irish Independent newspaper has an article tracing the roots of Hollywood celebrities. Listed amost the actors with an Irish heritage is Lucy.

ImageUncovering Hollywood?s secret Irish heritage
Irish Independent 27 December 2011

While some celebrities find it difficult to hide their Irish heritage behind their red hair and freckles, the Celtic ancestry of others, like George Clooney, is a little harder to hone in on. Indeed, it is surprising how many un-irish celebrities actually have Irish roots.

Xena: Warrior Princess

Lucy Lawless, who played the sexy and strong warrior in the hit TV show, may be the most famous actress from New Zealand to ever swing a sword, but she is also the daughter of the unmistakably Irish couple Frank and Julie Ryan.



29 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Press Kit - Lucretia Scan

The following scans are from the Spartacus: Vengeance Press Kit for Season 2 which was sent out to media outlets.





29 December 2011

Lucretia Surrounded by Enemies From All Sides - TV Guide 2-8 January 2012

tvguide2-8012012The US TV Guide 2-8 January 2012 has a mention of Spartacus Vengeance.

It also has some interesting quotes from Lucy about her character Lucretia. Lucy talks about the state of Lucretia's mind after being stabbed, losing her baby and having her beloved husband murdered.

Doesn't do anything good for Lucretia's well being.

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan.

For more on Lucy's role as Lucretia in Spartacus Vengeance, go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus Subsite



29 December 2011

Xena Mention In AfterEllen Article Does Lesbian Subtext Still Matter

Image explores if there is a need for lesbian subtext in shows such as Rizzoli & Isles and other shows. Naturally Xena was mentioned since you can't talk about subtext without talking about Xena and her relationship with Gabrielle which has sparked thousands of subtext fanfic for over 15 years.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

It's been over a decade since Xena ushered in the golden age of lesbian subtext. For six seasons between 1995 and 2001, the show's writers danced around the issue of the Warrior Princess' relationship with Gabrielle. Perpetual innuendo, running jokes and subtle references to Xena and Gabby's sexuality permeated the plot and dialogue. And though Lucy Lawless is on record as calling the couple "married," the show's creative team never offered up a definitive answer about their relationship.

Read more of the article



29 December 2011

Lucy Lawless Entered Into UK Cult TV Hall of Fame

ImageCult TV held their annual Cult TV Awards. The Awards are voted on by viewers rather than industry professionals. This year Lucy's name has been added to the Hall of Fame.

The new additions for Hall of Fame Actor and Actress were Patrick Macnee and Lucy Lawless, respectively.

"It is fair to say that both these people have extraordinary careers right across a range of Cult TV series, and is an example of how these particular awards have matured to celebrate entire careers rather than the one role," said Geairns.

Read more at Suite101

News submitted by Eddy



28 December 2011

Behind The Scenes on Spartacus Vengeance

STARZ Studios takes you beyond the arena with an inside look at Spartacus: Vengeance. Plus, go behind the scenes with the cast and crew as they discuss the new season.




28 December 2011

Xena and Spartacus Connection In The Movie Colombiana

Well this is interesting and it shows the writers of the film Colombiana are obvious Xena fans who didn't do their homework. Roland sent in the following note:

xenaI watched Colombiana the other day and there was a Xena mention in it! I thought it might interest you! They even showed a Xena Comic book (the lead character - Zoe Saldana - wanted to be like Xena when she was little). They made a mistake though! Because the scene was in 1992 and we didn't have Xena in '92...

and the Spartacus connection? Well Cynthia Addai-Robinson who plays the new Naevia is in this movie. Roland continues...

Also, Cynthia Addai-Robinson is in this movie, she's playing the little girl's mother!

Fandoms colliding in a funny way. Also the film review from picked up on the Xena connection:

The character Xena, Warrior Princess, first appeared on the television show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, in an episode that aired on March 13, 1995. I?m mentioning this bit of TV trivia because while watching the opening minutes of director Olivier Megaton?s new film Colombiana, I was baffled at how our young heroine, at the age of nine in a scene clearly stated to be set in 1992, could be reading a Xena comic book, and proclaiming that she would like to be like Xena. It bothered me enough that I even indulged in a moment of obnoxiousness, leaning over to my viewing companion to state for the record that Xena wouldn?t have been around until 1995.

Read the review



28 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode Stills for Episodes 1 to 4


Added 4 episode stills from the first four episodes of Spartacus Vengeance:

Click here to view



27 December 2011

AUSXIP Convention News and Multimedia Section Redesigned


The AUSXIP Convention news and multimedia section has been redesigned to include a news archive and easier access to all the conventions since 1997.

The convention section contains images and reports from all Creation and other fan conventions

Click here to view



27 December 2011

New Lucy Lawless Artwork by Maria

Here are some gorgeous new artworks from Maria of Lucy in Spartacus, In Concert and just being Lucy.







27 December 2011

New Xena Art by MaryD - Sins of the Past

ImageCreated some new Xena artwork based on Season 1, Episode 1 Sins of the Past

Xena (Lucy Lawless) journeys homeward determined to make amends for the sins of her past, but her efforts to begin a new life are challenged by the vengeful warlord Draco (Jay Laga'aia).

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image



22 December 2011

New Spartacus Vengeance Extended Trailer And Lucretia Screencaps

We have another Spartacus trailer and this time more Lucy as Ilithyia. After the clip is some Lucy / Lucretia screencaptures







I have to say this scene gives me a severe case of deja vu to Xena and the Calisto scene with the sword...




Check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus subsite for more news and images of Lucy as Lucretia



21 December 2011

Starz Updates Lucretia Bio, Photo and Lucy Bio on Official Spartacus Site

Starz has released new promo pics and bios for the characters and the actors. Check out the gorgeous photo of Lucy.



Lucretia is the Roman widow found alive in her ruined villa, having survived the bloody gladiator revolt that took the life of her husband, the gladiator owner Batiatus. The traumatic devastation that was visited upon her has upended her world and her mind struggles to adjust to a new reality. Where once she and her husband maneuvered to ascend the social ranks of the Roman hierarchy, Lucretia is now left alone to hang on and merely survive.



Lucy Lawless returns to the pivotal role of Lucretia in the STARZ Original series "Spartacus: Vengeance."

Lawless, a New Zealander, rose to international fame through her groundbreaking performance as "Xena: Warrior Princess" in the cult hit series that was also executive produced by the "Spartacus" team of Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi. Her other major television role was as D?Anna/Number Three in the critically acclaimed Syfy Channel series "Battlestar Galactica."

She has continued to demonstrate her versatility with a wide range of television work, most recently in "Flight of the Conchords." This followed such notable series as "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The L Word," "CSI: Miami" and "The X-Files."

In film, she played Aspen in Adam Sandler?s Bedtime Stories, Mother Superior in Bitch Slap (produced by "Xena" producer Eric Gruendemann and directed by Rick Jacobson of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand") and she cameos in Raimi?s Spider-Man and Tapert?s Boogeyman.

Lawless is a member of the board of the Starship Foundation, the fundraising body for the Starship Children?s Hospital in her hometown of Auckland. She was made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2004. She has three children, is married to producer Rob Tapert and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Find out more about Lucy's role on Spartacus by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus subsite



21 December 2011

Lucy Lawless NOT on Twitter or Facebook or ANY Other Social Network

ImageOkay here we go again. This seems to be a never ending problem. It seems that "Lucy" has been very busy of late setting up accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Pretty much like she was throwing boots at the police during the OccupyOakland protests.


Have I mentioned it's not true?

Lucy Lawless does NOT have a twitter account

Lucy Lawless does NOT have a facebook account

Lucy Lawless did NOT throw a shoe at a cop during OccupyOakland protest

Lucy does not participate in any of the myriad of social networks.

IF in the event Lucy does decide to jump on any social network, be it an official twitter and facebook account, Sharon Delaney who runs Lucy's Official Fan Club page will announce it, then it will be true.

It's not true.

To those people who want to lie to people and pass themselves as Lucy, can you stop being dimwits and close down those accounts. It's not nice.



21 December 2011

2011 TV Guilty Pleasures From Zap2It - Spartacus


Zap2It is looking at the top 2011 TV Guilty Pleasures: Zap2it's Year in Review

#20 from 25 is Spartacus in all it's incarnations!
I would agree with that...although it would be #1 and not #20.

They used the loopy Lucretia promo...don't you just love that look on Lucy's face!

Click here to read more

News submitted by MET



20 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Merchandise at 20% Off


Starz has officially released merchandise ahead of the premiere of Season 2 on 27 January 2012. You can get 20% off the price (when you use the code SPARTACUSN20) plus 50% off 2-Day & Express Shipping (use the code FASTSHIPSALE). The sale ends on Tuesday.

There is I Heart Lucretia t-shirt as well!

Outfit the Spartacus fans on your list with everything they'll need for the January 27 premiere of Spartacus: Vengeance. Stuff their stockings with t-shirts, mugs, iphone cases and more from the official Spartacus shop. New designs are in and fan favourites are still available.

Click here for more



20 December 2011

Super City TV Show DVD Update - Lucy also on DVD Extras!

As reported yesterday Super City TV Show DVD with Lucy Now Available, Madeleine Sami has released the following information about the extras and they include Lucy

SuperCity page posted this on Facebook under "Madeleine Sami speaking "Amerrrican Standard" with Lucy Lawless on DVD extras!



20 December 2011

Message From Greenpeace!

The following is a message from Greenpeace:

Before we stop for a short break at the end of 2011 we'd like to thank you.

It is your continued support that enables us to oppose environmental destruction both here in New Zealand and around the world.

You've helped us tackle deep sea oil drilling, expose unsustainable tuna fisheries, confront deforestation in Indonesia and build the new Rainbow Warrior!

I won't try and list everything because we've made a video that does it better - watch it here:

Catch up with Lucy Lawless and Greenpeace news on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Eco-Warrior Subsite



19 December 2011

New Lucy Character Artwork by Klippart

Klippart sent in two new Lucy / Character artworks. One from Xena and the other from Spartacus.

Warrior (Xena Warrior Princess)


Cunning Eyes of Vengeance (Spartacus)




19 December 2011

Super City TV Show DVD with Lucy Now Available


Madeleine Sam's excellent New Zealand tv show Super City is now available to order from NZ JB HiFi.

TV3's award-winning comedy series, SUPER CITY starring Madeleine Sami & directed by Taika Waititi arrives on DVD. Sami hilariously transforms into five very different characters all living in New Zealand?s super city. There's Pasha, an aging cheerleader clinging to her partying lifestyle; Azeem, an immigrant taxi driver embracing Maori culture; Jo, a closeted gym instructor in love with her best friend; Linda, the runt of her 'old girls' clique fostering impoverished artists and Georgie, a homeless girl whose freedom is unexpectedly interrupted when she finds a baby.

Special Features
Audio Commentaries
Deleted Scenes
Play Series By Character Option

Lucy made a spectacular guest appearance on the show dressed in her Amazon outfit (which first appeared in Season 6 episode Dangerous Prey and was directed by Renee. It was Renee who had the brilliant idea in putting Lucy in the Amazon outfit. Talk about knowing your audience.) Madeleine took a leaf out of Renee's book and got Lucy back in the outfit.

Click here to order the DVD

Watch Lucy and Madeleine in the skit below. Hysterically funny.



Link submitted by Barbara Davies



18 December 2011

Behind The Scenes Photos of Lucy from The Soup

Here's are two behind the scenes photos of Lucy from the 2010 The Soup tv show. many thanks to @KittenLeAnn Lucy wason the irreverent tv show The Soup in various skits in January 2011

This skit introduces Lucy as Kelsey Grammer, the star of Frasier. Who knew Kelsey was a gorgeous cross dresser from New Zealand who looks so much like Spartacus and Xena star Lucy Lawless!



You can view the skits from the show with Lucy on AUSXIP Video Lucy Lawless Channel




Skit #1





Skit #2





Skit #3



18 December 2011

Lucy Interview from TV Critics Event January 2011

ImageAt the end of the first season of Spartacus, entitled Blood and Sand, it appeared that Lucretia, portrayed by Lucy Lawless, and her husband Batiatus (John Hannah), the owners of a gladiator school, the House of Batiatus, came to a gory end. Well, Batiatus did, as his head was practically severed from his body by Spartacus. But this is TV, and despite the fact that Lucretia looked virtually dead, she's coming back for season two.

In season one, Katrina Law played Mira, a slave who was forced to seduce Spartacus and become his lover, but instead helped him plot and execute the gladiators' escape from Batiatus' ludus. In season two, Spartacus: Vengeance, the gladiator rebellion continues and begins to strike terror in the heart of the Roman Republic.

Lucy and Katrina spoke with TV critics last August about the series, which premieres on Starz in January.

Read More



17 December 2011

Xena Season 3 Re-Released on DVD 13 March 2012


Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that Season 3 of Xena (the season of the infamous rift between Xena & Gabrielle) will be re-released on DVD.

Anchor Bay released Season 3 back in 2004 and now the re-released version will be in stores on 13 March 2012 (in the US). The price will be $29.98.

The episode list:

The Furies
When the Furies find out that Xena (Lucy Lawless) never avenged the death of her father, they curse her with persecution and madness.

Been There, Done That
Only Xena (Lucy Lawless) can unravel the mystery when she awakens each morning to find that she and her companions are actually beginning the same day over and over again.

The Dirty Half Dozen
Xena (Lucy Lawless) enlists the help of four notorious criminals to go up against Ares (Kevin Smith) and his ambitious young protégé Agathon (Jonathon Roberts).

The Deliverer
While Xena (Lucy Lawless) and her former enemy Boadicea (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) join forces to battle Caesar (Karl Urban), Gabrielle's (Renee O'Connor) life is threatened by worshippers of the evil spirit Dahak.

Gabrielle's Hope
The devoted friendship between Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) is severely threatened when Gabrielle gives birth to the child of Dahak.

The Debt - Part 1
Xena (Lucy Lawless) is betrayed when she journeys to the Kingdom of Chin to settle a debt from her dark past.

The Debt - Part 2
Xena (Lucy Lawless) narrowly escapes execution for attempting to kill the ruthless young Emperor Ming T'ien (Daniel Sing) and finally repays the debt she owes her spiritual mentor, Lao Ma (Jacqueline Kim).

King of Assassins
When Joxer's (Ted Raimi) twin brother Jett (Ted Raimi) plans to assassinate Cleopatra (Gina Torres) with the help of Autolycus (Bruce Campbell), Gabrielle (Renee O' Connor) uses as many Xena-like tactics as possible to try to stop the murder.

Xena (Lucy Lawless) foils an evil plot by Balius (MacGregor Cameron) with the help of her two look-alikes, the Hestian Priestess Leah (Lucy Lawless) and the lusty barmaid Meg (Lucy Lawless).

The Quill is Mightier
Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) gains new respect for the power of the word when Aphrodite (Alexandra Tydings) casts a spell on her scroll, turning everything she writes into reality.

Maternal Instincts
Imbued with the evil power of her father Dahak, Gabrielle's (Renee O'Connor) daughter Hope (Amy Morrison) joins forces with Callisto (Hudson Leick) to kill Xena's (Lucy Lawless) son Solan (David Taylor).

The Bitter Suite
The bitter conflict between Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) reaches a crescendo in this musical episode, set in the dreamworld of Illusia.

One Against an Army
When Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) is struck with a poisonous arrow, Xena (Lucy Lawless) must find a way to save her while battling the entire Persian army on her own.

When Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) set out to recover the stolen Urn of Apollo, they are joined by Tara (Shiri Appleby), a feisty 16-year old who wants a chance to turn her life around.

King Con
When Joxer is badly beaten up, Xena sets out with two conmen and Gabrielle to scam the man behind it.

When in Rome
Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) go up against the ruthless Caesar (Karl Urban) to rescue the mighty Gaul warrior, Vercinix (Tamati Rice).

Forget Me Not
Haunted by images of the past, Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) goes to the Temple of Mnemosyne to forget her painful memories

Fins, Femmes & Gems
When Aphrodite (Alexandra Tydings) obtains the stolen Mystic Diamond, she puts a spell on Xena (Lucy Lawless), Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) and Joxer (Ted Raimi) to distract them from rescuing the prized jewel.

Xena (Lucy Lawless), Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) and Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) summon all their resources to escape from a ship submerged by a monstrous tidal wave.

Vanishing Act
Xena (Lucy Lawless), Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) and Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) pull off a spectacular heist to retrieve the golden statue of Pax.

Sacrifice P art 1
Xena (Lucy Lawless), Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) and Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) pull off a spectacular heist to retrieve the golden statue of Pax.

Sacrifice - Part 2
Xena (Lucy Lawless) reluctantly agrees to join forces with Callisto (Hudson Leick) to kill Gabrielle's (Renee O'Connor) evil daughter Hope (Renee O'Connor).



17 December 2011

Spartacus Vengence Take Up Arms on Facebook

Will you take up arms with the Romans, or side with the Rebels? Choose your leader and enter the a chance to win Spartacus prizes!


Join the Fight!



15 December 2011

Vengeance Episode Guide Updated - SPOILER ALERT


The Season 2 Episode Guide has been updated with the following episode log lines:

Episode 3: The Greater Good
Episode 6: Chosen Path
Episode 7: Sacramentum
Episode 9: Monsters

There be spoilers if you click on the link



15 December 2011

New High Resolution Wallpapers From Starz

Starz has released high resolution wallpapers. You can download the widescreen, standard or for mobiles.

Download widescreen
Download standard
Download mobile




Download widescreen
Download standard
Download mobile





15 December 2011

AUSXIP Interviews Lucy Lawless 15 December 2011

15 December 2011

AUSXIP last interviewed Lucy in May 2010 for the second AUSXIP Interview when she had just completed working on Spartacus: Blood and Sand and got involved with Greenpeace as their Ambassador. Since then Lucy has been extremely busy starring in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and the soon to be seen Spartacus: Vengeance as Lucretia. To many Lucretia is the best role Lucy has ever played but Xena remains at the top of the list for many Lucy fans. Since our last interview, Lucy has immersed herself in the role of Greenpeace ambassador and Eco-Warrior; she passionately believes in conservation and environmental issues such as Climate Change. In this interview we talk to Lucy about the upcoming final Xena Convention, her passion for environmental issues and what fans can expect from Lucretia in Spartacus: Vengeance. 

Read Interview



14 December 2011

Lucy in Video of Oil on Canvas Rena Ghost Birds Exhibition

Oil On Canvas Exhibition Opening The Oil On Canvas exhibition opened in Auckland on 12 December 2011. It is a memorial to the 20,000 birds killed by the Rena oil spill in the Bay of Plenty and a warning against the much greater risk that deep sea oil drilling poses in NZ waters. The prints were created using the body of a little blue penguin dipped in the oil that killed it following the Rena disaster.

Lucy is in this at :55 and 1:45

You can also view photos of Lucy at the event here



13 December 2011

Lucy Attends Rena Ghost Birds Exhibition - Oil On Canvas Photos

Greenpeace has released images from the Rena Ghost Birds Exhibit - Oil on Canvas as well as sending out an email about the event including a graphic video of the devastation that the oil leak caused.

The oil prints featured in this exhibition were made with birds killed by the Rena oil spill. They are just two of an estimated 20,000 birds killed after the shipwrecked Rena spilled 350 tonnes of oil into the Bay of Plenty.

Here are the photos of Lucy attending. Click here to view images



Last night (12 December 2011) we opened an art exhibition called Oil On Canvas.

The collection consists of over 200 original oil prints made with two dead birds dipped in the oil that killed them in the Rena oil spill.

Each image alone is both beautiful and tragic but seen as a collection the effect is really quite profound.

Like a countless assembly of small ghostly shadows silently urging us to do better.

I hope these art works can serve both as a stark reminder of the devastation an oil spill can cause, and as a memorial to the 20,000 birds and animals killed by the Rena oil. And also as a warning against risking a much greater disaster in the future. A Deep sea oil drilling accident could be a thousand times worse than the Rena.

When the Rena oil spill hit the Bay of Plenty, I went there as part of the Greenpeace clean-up crew. It was heartbreaking to see the impact the spill had on our beautiful beaches, the bird life and the communities that live in the Bay of Plenty environment. It's something I'll never forget.

The exhibition is open all week at number 2 Queen St so if you?re in Auckland you can see the original prints and the amazing video that goes with them. If you're not in Auckland you can see it online. The video is graphic but also very beautiful and moving. We are very grateful to Radiohead who supported this campaign by letting us use one of their songs in the video.

Please watch the video, leave a comment on the page and share it with your circle of contacts.

We must make sure that an oil spill like the Deepwater Horizon can never happen in New Zealand.

Ka kite,

Steve and the crew at Greenpeace

Where can you see the exhibit if you are in Auckland?

Where: 2 Queen St (corner of Quay St & Queen St) opposite Ferry Buildings

When: 12th - 16th December

More info: 0800 22-33-44



13 December 2011

Lucy Lawless Attends Rena Ghost Birds Exhibition

Auckland, December 13 2011: An exhibition of ten original prints and 30 posters, made from two birds killed by the Rena disaster, and some of the Rena's oil that washed up in the Bay of Plenty, has opened in downtown Auckland. The prints are accompanied by the message 'Rena did this. Deep sea oil drilling could be a thousand times worse.'

Guests at last (Monday) night's opening function included actor Lucy Lawless, a long time supporter of Greenpeace's campaigns, and a host of other Greenpeace supporters.

Greenpeace Campaigner Steve Abel said, "This memorial to the 20,000 birds killed by the Rena disaster is also a stark reminder of the dangers of opening up New Zealand waters to deep sea oil drilling."(1)

The birds, a little blue penguin and a diving petrel, were found dead and covered in oil on Matakana Island by Greenpeace volunteers when they were helping the local iwi, Nga Hapu o te Moutere o Matakana, clean oil off their beaches following the Rena spill.



13 December 2011

New Spartacus Vengeance Promo Images of Lucy as Lucretia

Oh Goodness! Check out the new pics just released by Starz (via Collider) - I absolutely love the loopy Lucretia pic...I can't wait to see what she does in the second season. She's going to be out for vengeance on those that killed her beloved Batiatus. Click here to view the larger images



For more on Lucy's role as Lucretia, check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus subsite



13 December 2011

Lucy At The Muppets For Starship Event More Photos

On 4 December 2011 Lucy attended The Muppets Premiere for Starship. The event was on Sunday in Newmarket, Auckland hosted by the Friends of Starship. The AList photo site has some photos of Lucy from the event.


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For more on Lucy and Starship visit the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Starship Foundation subsite

- News submitted by Barbara Davies



12 December 2011

1998 SNL Skit Video Clip 2: Judge Judy with Lucy Lawless

Added the second clip of Lucy on SNL and this time she's a clown being sued by a none too happy parent before Judge Judy.

1998 SNL Skit Clip 2: Judge Judy with Lucy Lawless
Posted on: 12th December 2011

1998 SNL Skit Clip 2: Judge Judy with Lucy Lawless

Clip #2 Judge Judy skit – Rochelle (Lucy) is a clown – a very different clown. Surprise guest appearance by Judge Judy herself (Lucy is a Judge Judy fan) On 17 October 1998 Lucy hosted Saturday Night Live and appeared in several skits. This is #2.

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Watch More Lucy on SNL Skits:
- 1998 SNL Skit: Lucy as Stevie Nicks Fajita Roundup



12 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode 2 Update

Image Updated the Spartacus Season 2 Episode Guide with a longer log line for Episode 2

Spartacus and his men liberate a Roman villa, but its slaves are wary. Oenomaus throws himself into the brutal Pits, and Glaber supports Lucretia’s prophecies, despite Ilithyia’s protests.

Airdate: 02-03-2012

Credits | Episode Stills | More Season 2 Episode Guide



11 December 2011

Lucy Scan: Attending The Muppets Premiere Sunday Star Times 11 December 2011

muppetsOn 4 December 2011 Lucy attended The Muppets Premiere for Starship. The event was on Sunday in Newmarket, Auckland hosted by the Friends of Starship.

The following scan was in the Auckland newspaper Sunday Star Times 11 December 2011

Scanned by MaryD

As reported on 5 December 2011, more images can be found on Starship's Official Facebook Page in their photo gallery for the event







10 December 2011

Lucy on NZ Breakfast TV Highlights and Video 10 December 2011


Lucy was on NZ Breakfast TV this morning talking about Starship. She was at Parnell Pools which had a gold coin donation ($1 or $2 coin) entry into the pools and the money went to Starship.

From their website:
Lucy Lawless
Actor and Starship Trustee, Lucy Lawless, joins us to tell us about her work with the child's hospital.



Watch Lucy Video


AUSXIP Reporter Jo sent in the following highlights:

* Lucy talked about the community goodwill funding about Starship that without it they wouldn't have the MRI machines or CAT scan or any other equipment which was bought by Starship

* The Starship Christmas Party was on yesterday and Lucy attended. Lucy mentioned Ruby, the young cancer survivor who has gone on to design t-shirts and fundraises for Starship.

* She was asked what she was doing professionally (?!). Lucy talked about working on Spartacus and she was going to be promoting the show in January.

* Asked her about her Christmas plans and Lucy and the family are off to New Caledonia because her husband is an avid fisherman.

* Lucy is busy with sports days and real life stuff of being a mum.

* Lucy mentioned she loved being back to Parnell Pools, it brought back alot of childhood memories for her. She remembers being dropped off in the morning and picked up at 5 pm. "Forget Disneyland, come to Parnell Pools"



9 December 2011

Lucy on TVNZ Breakfast Tomorrow

Received a tweet on @lucylawlessinfo (AUSXIP's Lucy Lawless Twitter account) that Lucy will be on TVNZ Breakfast Show tomorrow morning in New Zealand. Their interviews are streamed live and are available to download later.

Toni Street
Sat Breakfast 2mro,Parnell Pools,come join us,gold coin donation for Starship + Benji Marshall,Lucy Lawless,pro skaters,prizes 7-9am TV1

Toni Street
on tomorrow morning 7-9am.



8 December 2011

Ausiello's Spartacus Mini Review & Lucy Mention


Ausiello was asked about Spartacus Vengeance and this is his response - if you are keeping spoiler free...don't read further - love his description of Lucy's Lucretia for Season 2!

Question: Please get us some news on Spartacus: Vengeance. You have been way to quiet about this show! --Seena

Ausiello: Well, since I just received (and screened) the first two episodes (airing Jan. 27 and Feb. 3), right now seems like a perfect time for me to break my silence, don't you think? Now then, I'll admit it was bittersweet diving back into the action so soon after Andy Whitfield's death. And, as strong a first impression as his successor, Liam McIntyre, makes, Andy's spirit loomed large for me throughout the first episode. How could I -- or anyone -- watch Spartacus 2 without thinking about Spartacus 1?

But by Episode 2, I was fully immersed in what was going on on-screen. So much so that I can say -- and happily, I might add -- that both the character and the show remain in top form. In fact, the series continues to push the envelope where blood and sex are concerned. (The gauntlet's been thrown, True Blood.) Within the first two episodes, there's an orgy as well as some of the most brutal slayings ever. (Seriously -- Lorena Bobbit would be proud.) There's also a heartbreaking death that is preceded by an even more heartbreaking last wish.Oh, and as those promos made pretty clear, Lucretia's alive and she's bats#*! crazy!




8 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode Guide and Credits for First Episode

Image Spartacus: Vengeance episode guide has been updated with all 10 episode names, some log lines and credits for the first episode.



Click here to view



7 December 2011

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray Region Free


Amazon UK store has the complete Battlestar Galactica series on Blu-Ray (Region Free) on sale for (approx)£54.97 (converted to $85.77 USD or $83.59 AUD)

Click here to order

Lucy was Number Three cylon (aka D'anna Biers).



A beautiful and confident member of the Cylon leadership, one of her copies gained unprecedented access to the Galactica's officers and crew by posing as a Fleet News Service reporter producing a documentary about the military. Among the Cylons, her model is also known as Number Three. Number Three was boxed in Season Three but she's back and ready to tackle whatever comes her way

Lucy's episodes are:

Season 2

Final Cut - Episode 9: First aired: 9/9/2005
Downloaded - Episode 19: First aired: 2/24/2006

Season 3

Occupation - Episode 1: First aired: 10/6/2006
Precipice - Episode 2: First aired: 10/6/2006
Exodus, Part 1 - Episode 3: First aired: 10/13/2006
Exodus, Part 2 - Episode 4: First aired: 10/20/2006
Collaborators - Episode 5: First aired: 10/27/2006
A Measure of Salvation - Episode 6:
Torn - Episode 7: First aired: 11/3/2006
Hero - Episode 8: First aired: 11/17/2006
The Passage Episode 10: First aired: 12/8/2006
The Eye of Jupiter - Episode 11: First aired: 12/15/2006
Rapture - Episode 12: First aired: 1/21/2007

Season 4

The Hub - Episode 9: First aired: 6 June 2008
Revelations - Episode 10: First aired: 14 June 2008
Sometimes a Great Notion - Episode 11: First aired: 16 January 2009
(Final Lucy episode as D'anna Biers)


The complete set contains (includes extras)

DVD Description
This set contains:

Mini Series
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4
Series 4.5

Special Features:

U-control features
PIP features
BD Live features
Audio Commentaries
PIP Behind the Miniseries Part 1
PIP Behind the Miniseries Part 2
Ronald D. Moore Intro
Behind The Scenes Featurette (Play all; From Miniseries to series (8'27''), Change Is Good, Now They're Babes (7'29''), The Cylon Centurion (5'26''), Future/Past Technology (7'38'') The Doctor Is Out Of His Mind (7'38''), Production (9'04''), Visual Effects, Epilogue
Behind The Scenes Featurettes (From Miniseries to Series)
Change is Good, now They're Babes
The Cylon Centurion
Future/Past Technology
The Doctor is Out (Of His Mind)
Visual Effects
Deleted Scenes - Mini Series
Sketches And Art (Photo Presentation)
Deleted Scenes 33
Deleted Scenes Water
Deleted Scenes Act Of Contrition
Deleted Scenes You Can't Go Home Again
Deleted Scenes (Play all; Litmus (5'11''), Six Degrees Of Separation (1'14''), Flesh and Bone (1'14''), Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down (3'26''), The Hand Of God (56''))
Deleted Scenes: Colonial Day
Deleted Scenes: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1
Deleted Scenes Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2
Are You A Cylon Personality Quiz (multi choice personality quiz with randomly generated sequences of questions)
Deleted Scenes - Scattered
Deleted Scenes - Valley of Darkness
Deleted Scenes - Fragged
Deleted Scenes - Resistance
Deleted Scenes - The Farm
Deleted Scenes - Home Part 1
Deleted Scenes - Home Part 2
Deleted Scenes - Final Cut
Deleted Scenes - Flight of The Pheonix
Sizzle Reel - Sneak Peek at Episode 11
Pegasus Extended Episode
Deleted Scenes - Black Market
Deleted Scenes - Scar
Deleted Scenes - Sacrifice
Deleted Scenes - The Captain's Hand
Battlestar Galactica Career Assignment Quiz
Deleted Scenes - Downloaded
Deleted Scenes - Lay Down Your Burdens Part 1
Deleted Scenes - Lay Down Your Burdens Part 2
RND Logo's
David Eicks Video Blogs
Deleted Scenes (Occupation, Precipice, Exodus, Part 2, Collaborators 12'07'')
Deleted Scenes (Torn, A Measure Of Salvation, Hero)
David Eick's Video Blogs (Testimonials; Who Dies?; Prosethetics; Lucy and David; Introducing Bulldog)
Unfinished Business Unaired, Extended Cut
Deleted Scenes (The Passage, The Eye Of Jupiter, Rapture 12'05'''')
David Eick's Video Blogs (Characters, Adama On Adama, Episode 6 Read Through, On The Road, Steve Mcnuff Gets A Video Blog, The Soldier's Code: Leave No Man Behind)
Deleted Scenes (Taking A Break from All Your Worries, The Woman King, A Day in the Life, Dirty Hands, Maelstrom)
Deleted Scenes (8'20'' - The Son Also Rises, Crossroads Part 1, Crossroads Part 2)
Colonial Military Assessment Quiz
Colonial Military Assessment Quiz Deleted Scenes
David Eick's Video Blogs (39'17'' - Takin' A Break Form All Your Worries, On The Road: Part 2, Some Guy Named Colin; Building A Better Show; Katee's Scrapbook; Shooting; Mr Eddie If You Please; Oceans in the Desert; David Who?; Out Of Control; Last Episode Blues)
Razor Broadcast Edition
Battlestar Razor bonus: Deleted scenes
The Look of Battlestar Galactica
My Favorite Episodes so Far
Season 4 Sneak Peek
Season 4 Trailer
Battlestar Razor bonus: Minisodes x7
Battlestar Galactica Card Game
He That Believeth In Me Deleted Scenes
Six Of One Deleted Scenes
Six Of One Deleted Scenes
The Ties That Bind Deleted Scenes
Escape Velocity Deleted Scenes
The Road Less Traveled Deleted Scenes
David Eick's Video Blogs
Faith Deleted Scenes
Guess What's Coming To Dinner? Deleted Scenes
Guess What's Coming To Dinner? Deleted Scenes
Sine Qua Non Deleted Scenes
The Hub Deleted Scenes
The Hub Deleted Scenes
Revelations Deleted Scenes
Revelations Deleted Scenes
The Journey
Cylons: The Twelve
Season 4.5 The Untold Story - Untold
The Music of Battlestar Galactica
Caprica Sneak Peek
A Disquiet Follows My Soul (Unrated Extended Edition)
Deleted Scenes: Sometimes A Great Notion
Deleted Scenes: The Oath
Deleted Scenes: Blood on the Scales
The Journey Ends: The Arrival
Evolution Of A Cue
What The Frak Is Going On With Battlestar Galactica?
Islanded in a Stream of Stars (Unrated Extended Edition)
Deleted Scenes: No Exit
Deleted Scenes: Deadlock
Deleted Scenes: Someone To Watch Over Me
David Eick's Video Blogs
Daybreak (Unrated Home Video Extended Edition)
Deleted Scenes
The Musicians Behind Daybreak
A Look Back - Cast & Crew Take A Look Back at the last 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica
And They Have A Plan


You can find out more about Lucy's role on Battlestar Galactica plus photos and other multimedia on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Battlestar Galactica subsite



6 December 2011

Xena Conventions Beyond 2012? Creation Entertainment Survey

Creation Entertainment has posted the following notice on the 2012 Xena Convention Page asking fans if they want another convention:


We value your feedback, and would appreciate if you took a few moments to respond to a single question about the future of Creation Entertainment's Official Xena Conventions.

Click here to submit

Please note: You will have to turn on pop ups in your browser for the survey to pop up on your screen so you can vote:




6 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode List with Log Lines

MSN has a list of all the 10 episodes in the season and some of the log lines for the episode.

Warning: There are spoilers below

1. Fugitivus
Spartacus learns that being a leader of freed slaves brings great responsibilities; Spartacus tries to keep his rebellious band intact.
Airdate: 01-27-2012
2. A Place in This World
Spartacus and his men liberate a villa; Oenomaus throws himself into the brutal pits.
Airdate: 02-03-2012
3. The Greater Good
Spartacus must navigate a divide between the gladiators; Lucretia reveals a secret.
Airdate: 02-10-2012

4. Empty Hands
Spartacus leads survivors through the woods; Crixus returns to a place of past suffering; Lucretia pries into Ilithyias affairs.
Airdate: 02-17-2012

5. Libertus
Spartacus tries to free Crixus from Roman captivity, but a gladiator from the House of Batiatus complicates it.
Airdate: 02-24-2012
Airdate: 03-02-2012
Airdate: 03-09-2012
Airdate: 03-16-2012
Airdate: 03-23-2012
10. Wrath of the Gods
Dwindling supplies bring the rebellion to its knees; Spartacus tries restore hope.
Airdate: 03-30-2012



6 December 2011

Lucy Lawless Headshots from 1988 by Photographer Kevin Hill


ImageHere's two "new" photos of Lucy taken more than 23 years ago (1988) from photographer Kevin Hill.

Click on the images to take you to Kevin Hill's Flickr account for each photo.

Thanks to Barbara Davies for the links



5 December 2011

Lucy Attends The Muppets Premiere For Starship

Lucy attended The Muppets Premiere for Starship on Sunday, 4 December in Auckland

Sunday 4th December was an afternoon of fun and chaos at Event Cinemas in Newmarket as the Friends of Starship hosted The Muppets Premiere for Starship.

Muppets 1.jpg

muppets 2.jpg

Both images can be found on Starship's Official Facebook Page
in their photo gallery for the event.

Click here to view



5 December 2011

TV Guide Auctions Comic Con Celebrity Guestbook for City of Hope Charity + Lucy Lawless Autograph

Image TV Guide Magazine has a unique item on Ebay - 170 celebrities have signed their guestbook and that includes Lucy Lawless. 100% of the money from this auction is going to charity.

The money will be going to City of Hope Charity.

City of Hope, an innovative biomedical research, treatment and educational institution, is dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening diseases, guided by a compassionate patient-centered philosophy, and supported by a national foundation of humanitarian philanthropy.

Click here to bid on this item



3 December 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Episode 1 Fugitivus

ImageSpartacus Vengeance will be with us soon (27 January 2012) and the first episode name has been released via the Michael Hurst Official site

27 January 2012, 10:00 p.m. on Starz: Spartacus: Vengeance ep. 2.1 "Fugitivus" Michael is a producer this season, and has directed the first and sixth episodes



3 December 2011

Lucy Photos from NZ Radio Show The Breeze Starship Supernova PR

ImageThis is a somewhat older Lucy photo taken in 2009 during the Starship Supernova PR. Starship Supernova was held on 16 September 2009.

"THE TWO ROBBIES BREAKFAST SHOW" on The Breeze - Lucy Lawless swung by to tell us all about 'Starship Supernova Swing'

Click here to view larger image

Click here to view promo pics, video and other related media about Lucy in Starship Supernova on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Starship Supernova Event



3 December 2011

Lucy Photo Out and About Billboard Magazine 12 November 2011

While Lucy was in the US recently she caught up with some very interesting people. Billboard Magazine 12 November 2011 issue has this photo of Lucy at Tuscano restaurant in West Los Angeles with Billboard associate publisher Tommy Page, publisher Lisa Ryan Howard, songwriter Diane Warrene, singer Rita Wilson and Lucy's vocal coach Eric Vetro.


For more photos of Lucy, check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Image Archive - FLAWLESS IMAGES



3 December 2011

Great Origin Stories From Movies & TV - IMDb's Look At Xena Warrior Princess

ImageWhat becomes a legend most? IMDb editors Melanie McFarland and Mark Englehart talk about the notable films and television shows that have created and chronicled the origin stories of some of our favorite classic and contemporary heroes and heroines.

It's probably enough that "Xena: Warrior Princess" executive producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert introduced the world to the incomparable Lucy Lawless with this syndicated television swashbuckler. "Xena's" die-hard fans, however, saw something much more profound in Xena's redemption story. The show's writers greatly capitalized on Xena's (and Lawless's) remarkable athleticism, and her ability to best nearly all challengers in hand-to-hand combat. They also had fun expanding her history of being a village girl transformed by vengeance into a warlord before, with the help of Hercules, turning into an agent for the greater good seeking redemption for past crimes.

But the beating heart of "Xena: Warrior Princess" was the heroine's relationship with her best friend, the shepherdess-turned-bard Gabrielle. As the series progressed, Xena taught Gabrielle how to defend herself, eventually making her quite a force to be reckoned with on her own. Gabrielle, meanwhile, made sure Xena never lost her morality. And their bond felt real in the best and worst ways: Xena and Gabrielle turned away from each other, even betrayed one another, over the course of the series. In the end, their friendship was stronger than every obstacle -- including death.


News submitted by MET



1 December 2011

Greenpeace News Update Lucy Lawless Strikes Again


Greenpeace has sent a news update which features Lucy outside her gate with the big No Drill No Spill Greenpeace sign.

This summer we're underlining the opposition to deep sea oil drilling with these No Drill No Spill signs.

Lucy Lawless with one of our signs on her gate at home in Auckland

Last year we saw the biggest protest march in a generation opposing mining conservation land. The Government was forced to back down then but yesterday it came out that they still plan on mining conservation land!

It's part of a agenda to mine the depths of the ocean and dig up more dirty coal - at the expense of NZ's good name, the climate and the natural environment, and we need to stop it.

There are two things you can do right now:

  1. Sign the Petition - or if you're one of the 100,000 who already have - share the petition!
  2. Put a sign on your fence or  a poster in your window
    We can provide posters or signs in various sizes and can help with installation. We can do signs for grass verges, front gardens, houses, fences or walls, and we have weather-proof posters or print-your-own posters. (Here's some pics of signs that have gone up in Auckland)
    If you want to print your own right now you can do that now.

Keep updated with this Lucy Lawless Greenpeace campaign by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless No Drill No Spill Subsite

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