On 5 September 2009 Lucy attended the Qantas Film and Television Awards 2009. Oliver Driver (well known to Lucy fans since he directed / produced The Vagina Monologues with Lucy in New Zealand between 14 February and 16 March 2002) was the host of the awards.

There is now video of Oliver trying to find a co-host for the awards and he stumbles through various news and tv show sets. He also manages to stumble onto the Spartacus Gods of the Arena set with Lucy, Lesley-Ann and Michael Hurst (who was directing the episode Paterfamilias at the time). Just a bit of trivia here - the dress Lucy is wearing was auctioned off on Starship Spring Clean and sold for $1110.




Lucy and Lesley-Ann can be seen in the video approx 3:41 min into it.




Link submitted by Barbara Davies

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