Spartacus PR is going to go high gear in January and here is the first scheduled official event. It's the Winter TCA (Television Critics Association Winter Tour). The event is held in Los Angeles every year. Dozens of networks and 100+ shows move their way into a ballroom for a conference with the media. Starz will be at the event to showcase Spartacus: Vengeance and Magic City. There is no official word on which Sparty cast members will be there but going on past TCA tours, Lucy, Viva, Liam and other cast members may be present.


Friday, Jan. 13: The first of several days for various cable networks that aren't connected to the broadcasters. Other channels presenting include Starz (which is paneling "Spartacus: Vengeance" in addition to the new "Magic City"),

Previous TCA Events on AUSXIP Spartacus

- 2009 TCA Summer Tour July 2009
- 2010 TCA Winter Tour Jan 2010
- 2011 TCA Winter tour Jan 2011

- 2011 TCA Summer Tour July 2011

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