Steven is interviewed by Cinema Blend and there is some spoilerish details about Lucretia

Image(Spoiler)Big fan of Lucy Lawless since Xena days, of course I love the Raimi/Tapert, but how has her insanity presented any new avenues or challenges in writing?

Well, the tricky part is, you know, you can't have a character be bat shit crazy for the entire season like that. All right. That's a shtick that gets old fast. So it was transitioning her into lucidity where she starts off obviously very, very, very damaged and broken and watching how she puts the pieces back together and tries to reclaim her life is really the juicy part of the storyline. And Lucy of course does it so brilliantly. I've been a big fan of hers, too, since the Xena days and am still thrilled and impossibly shocked that she's one of the stars of our show.
(End Spoiler)

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