Talk about fandoms colliding. I recently interviewed Ellen Hollman and we talked about her punking of Lucy Lawless at the recent 2012 Xena Convention in Los Angeles. Ellen posed as a fan and totally confused Lucy until Lucy figured it out. I was in the audience at the convention and I think the majority of the fans there (around 1000 at a rough guestimate) collectively groaned as the newbie fan (who obviously didn't know how to get to her question without taking the scenic route) was taking a long time to get to her question.

It was revealed (well Lucy did figure it out eventually that it was Ellen) and Ellen joined Lucy on stage briefly for a laugh. Now this is even funnier because Lucy did something similar to her co-star and friend Renee O'Connor a few years ago. So Karma came to the convention and paid Lucy a visit :)

Ellen said about the punking:

You recently surprised your Spartacus co-star Lucy Lawless at the Official Xena Convention, how did that come about?

I don't know if it's the fact that I'm born on April Fools day, or if I'm just a prankster in general that inspired my recent 'punk' at Xena-Con. Michael Hurst tweeted he was going to be there and when I looked up the schedule I discovered, much to my delight, that Xena Warrior Princess was indeed going to be present for questions and photo ops. Saxa just happens to be a HUGE Xena fan so naturally an appearance was necessary.

Were you surprised by the fan reaction?

If by 'reaction' you mean "while I was scantily clad in Xena garb in front of hundreds of die hard fans insisting on a non-allowed autograph did I fear for my very life?" Yes...Yes I was fearful/surprised and ready to 'get all Saxa on them' if need be. Thank God she brought me on stage for accolades, explaining I was fellow cast! I don't think the Warrior Queen herself is used to a warrior-in-training Convention Punking her, ha! She's such a great sport, I would basketball through a minefield for her.

Check out the video below of Ellen preparing to meet the legendary Xena


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