If you are keeping spoiler free - now is the time to stop reading. Here are some spoilers from TV Guide Online

ImageWhat's coming up on Spartacus?

NATALIE: Is Lucretia out of mourning already? The widowed domina will be getting very cozy with a new man, a Roman, not a slave this time during a decadent party held at the former House of Batiatus.

Could this be one of the love interests Lucy Lawless teased?

In an interview with Lucy with TV Guide on 26 January 2012, Lucy said:

A Love for Lucretia. The domina survived the House of Batiatus slaughter, but is not the Lucretia we once knew. Nevertheless, she still holds appeal for at least one person. "Lucretia's lost everything," Lawless says. "She's lost her beloved husband, the child she was going to give him, the lover who enabled the child, the home, status and therefore it's quite understandable that she's lost her marbles in the meantime... but she does have two love interests. Somebody falls in love with her."


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