MG 7556It has been announced that the Taranaki 7: Lucy Lawless, Mike Buchanan, Shayne Comino, Naoni Hammer, Shai Nades, Vivienne Hadlow, Ilai Amir (Taranaki 7) and Zac Penman (Zac got arrested while still on the dock giving the 7 the time to scale up the derrick of the Noble Discoverer. Their court case has been postponed by 2 weeks (not sure if Zac will be in court at the same time although he has been charged with burglary as well)

@GreenpeaceNZ: Court date for the Taranaki 7, arrested defending the Arctic, has been postponed for 2 weeks Source

No reason has been given for the delay but I'm sure that will be revealed in time.


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