Oh dear. Here's a clip from Season 2 Episode 7 called "Only Blood Can Set Us Free".

Spartacus Vengeance Season 2 Episode 7 Sacramentum

Spartacus and his rebels try to free the fighters enslaved in foreign wars; Lucretia recruits one of her husbands former gladiators. Airdate: 03-09-2012 Credits | Official Site | Episode Stills

This scene looks intriguing. When I interviewed Lucy back in December, I asked her:

AUSXIP: Lucretia...natural brown, orange/redhead or peroxide blond? Which version was the most fun to play and why?


LUCY: Oh, the redhead gets in more trouble. When you see the red, look out!

Well have a look at what hair colour Lucretia is wearing...someone is going to have some mega big problems to deal with!





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