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In the last week, over 5,000 people have sent a direct message to the Government opposing deep sea oil drilling in our coastal waters but we need more!

The deadline for the Government's EEZ consultation process is next week – so please take a minute right now to use our quickfire submission form and have your say.


Let’s see if we can get that total over 10,000 in the next 24 hours!


In New Zealand and around the world  opposition to reckless oil drilling is growing fast.

Lucy Lawless and the other activists stood in court last week, because they took action to prevent Shell’s mad plans to drill in the Arctic.
Over 150,000 Kiwis have have signed our petition against risky deep sea oil drilling, and almost 500,000 people have sent a message to Shell in opposition to its Arctic drilling plans.

All because they see a different future.

Our environment is our economy. Let’s not put it all at risk for the sake of international oil company profits.

Thank you for your support,

Nick and
the whole team at Greenpeace

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