Image634976627945662951Well this is a great anniversary present for Greenpeace and the Taranaki 8 who on the 24-27 February brought attention to Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic. On the day (a day and a bit) of the first anniversary of the protest, 27 Feb (US), Shell has taken their drill ship and gone home for the rest of 2013!

There comes a time when you know you're digging a great big hole and someone needs to come along and say 'STOP DIGGING' for you to stop and just take stock of how far your project has gone belly up. It's admirable that you are still digging this hole for yourself but it's time to stop.

This is where Shell found itself at the end of 2012. It was not a good year PR wise; it was disastrous. So like all successful people and companies do, they take stock of what happened and see where they can fix something that's gone belly up. Sometimes admitting defeat and walking away is the only option. After the year Shell had, that was the ONLY option left to them.

Let's review A Year in the Life of Shell Oil and the #SaveTheArctic Campaign...



SHELL Stops Drilling in the Arctic for 2013
Huzzah! Millions of dollars, lost hours in courtrooms and bad publicity has forced Shell's hand (plus some really horrible ships and the nice Arctic weather).







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