Lucy has finished her 120 Community Hours (her sentence for boarding and occupying for 3.5 days The Noble Discoverer). Lucy has tweeted about her experiences working with the aged and palliative care. From the sounds of it, it looks like Lucy enjoyed her time with them.

Speaking of the Noble Discoverer - it seems this ship is always in trouble along with it's sister the Kulluk. MSN reported on the trials and tribulations for these two ships. In particular it noted the following about The Noble Discoverer

Shell's second Alaska drillship, the Noble Discoverer, was cited by the Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency for numerous safety and environmental deficiencies. The two rigs are getting repaired in separate shipyards in Asia.


The Department of Justice is considering sanctions for violations that other agencies say occurred on both of Shell's Arctic drillships. A Department of Interior investigation of its entire Alaska drilling program has already led to recommendations for new and stricter Arctic-specific regulations.

and now back to Lucy:

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