Image635052755662082118SOLD! Lucy's voicemail message which was on auction on the Starship Foundation Bids for Kids auction site has closed.

The highest bid was $1520 NZD! Now that is one very cool item with a very cool pricetag. Congratulations to Dr Patricia Saunders on winning the auction. Thank you for your generosity.

Coming up in the auction will be Lucy's precious ARGO Starship Warrior Princess - she is leaving the AUSXIP Stables for the last time. Argo has raised over $11K for Starship and I'm sure she will raise some more in the final auction.

Here's a video of Argo when she was on display with the other Resene horses. You all remember the Facebook Likes campaign to get Argo over the line and win an extra $5000 for Starship? Well this was for that campaign.

here is the video!

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