Chicago, Starring Samantha Barks, Ashlee Simpson and Stephen Moyer, Brings "All That Jazz" to the Hollywood Bowl

Playbill 25 July 2013

The majority of the Chicago headliners — whose ranks include Lucy Lawless as Mama Morton — are all Fosse and Bowl neophytes. They characterized this quickie rehearsal process as "Chicagoland Bootcamp" and, to a person, confessed to being exhausted, terrified, giddy at the prospect of hitting the Bowl stage, and having the time of their lives.


Others, like Lawless, are getting into the swing of things as well. "I had a little breakthrough the other day," said Lawless. "It's very challenging to get in line with the original intention of Kander and Ebb and Bob Fosse to fit within the framework. This is a very faithful production, and so once you get yourself into their headspace and kind of the mathematics of it all, then you can begin to relax. This is a very experienced production team who insist that every word has a note. You don't elide. You don't smush with the rhythm. You don't try to pop."

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