The Bids for Kids Starship Foundation Charity Auction for Lucy’s donated and autographed Battlestar Galactica scripts has ended!

The hub.jpg
The Hub Auction Page

Auction From: 15/7 to 22/7

Winning Bid: $500

The Hybrid keeps jumping the basestar, and Roslin has visions. The three, D'Anna, is un-boxed. Humans and Cylons engage in a battle to destroy the Resurrection Hub. Baltar is badly wounded and Roslin has to decide whether or not to help him.


Revelations.jpgRevelations Auction page

Auction From: 15/7 to 22/7

Winning bid:

D'Anna demands that the four Cylons in the fleet be sent to the basestar. Only Tory goes, while the remaining three are suddenly drawn to Kara's Viper by the music. The route to Earth is finally found.


So far in the Bids for Kids Auction related to Lucy Items:

Lucy Lawless Voicemail: $1520

Argo Starship Warrior Princess $620 

Chuy Matchbox Art: $110

BSG The Hub Script: $500

BSG Revelations Script: $1650



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