1469782_515033235259690_622069810_nToday’s print edition of the NZ Herald (soon to be online) has  brief mention of Lucy and the success of Chicago in bringing fans in from around the world.

Where culture means Broadway–
NZ Herald 15 November 2013

Auckland’s home-grown arts scene takes a back seat as far as council’s ‘Show Never Stops’ promotion goes

Playing at the Civic, can handle far bigger crowds than ATC’s Q Theatre production. However, thanks, in part at least, to Lucy Lawless’ starring role, is so popular its season has been extended a month to December 21 and, despite no plugging from Ateed, has fans booking online from as far away as Invercargill, Rio de Janiero, London, Istanbul, Berlin and Albuquerque.


If you haven’t bought tickets yet to Chicago – it’s been extended to 21 Dec. Go grab them because they are selling out fast.

Buy tickets here


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