Greenpeace New Zealand recreates a protest scene with LEGO figures. The model is a replica of the Noble Discoverer drillship which was occupied by Greenpeace activists and actor Lucy Lawless in February, 2012 for 77 hours as it was getting ready to depart the Port of Taranaki in New Zealand to start drilling for Shell in the Arctic. Greenpeace is urging LEGO to cut ties with Shell and help 'Save the Arctic." For the last few years Shell has been using LEGO?s brand to clean up its image as an Arctic oil driller. 16 million Shell branded LEGO sets have been sold or given away at petrol stations in 26 countries.







The following article is from the Taranaki Daily News about the Noble Discoverer as a giant Lego ship! <g>

From the Taranaki Daily News 17 July 2014



Official Greenpeace Photos





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