nzherald1The following article appeared in the New Zealand Herald on 07 September 2014. Lucy attended the Child Poverty Action Group March to raise awareness about Child Poverty. She also spoke at the event.


NZ Herald (Print Edition)
07 September 2014

Lucy Lawless added some star power to a march raising awareness about child poverty. Alongside more than 1000 others — including community leaders, politicians and teachers — she marched through central Auckland yesterday during the Child Poverty Action Group’s hikoi.

Lawless told the gathering: “I’m really concerned that the only growth going on in New Zealand is the growth of this underclass of hungry children, who become lacklustre students, who grow up and become disenfranchised, angry grown-ups.’’

She said middle-class New Zealand had to realise child poverty was a serious problem.


and there were some tweets from the march:

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