The cast of Pleasuredome came out after the show ended (and they had to be exhausted from that high energy show) to spread the love and support Marriage Equality in Australia. Here in Oz we are trying to get into the 21st century and allow same sex couples to marry just like heterosexual couples have the right. So hopefully the vote with be a resounding YES come November. Lucy and the rest of the cast added their voices to the YES Vote across the ditch.

Lucy gave an fantastic speech – Bravo Lucy and the rest of the cast.



Here are some photos and many thanks to those who for posting these on their Instagram account – the GORGEOUS and EXTREMELY talented James Luck is in the white dress.

PLEASUREDOME. Last night there was a parade and some of the cast & crew came out to party with the crowd.

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Loving you....#pleasuredome #pleasuredomethemusical #mypleasuredome #musicaltheatrenz

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