The Rich List - 2003 Magazine
(New Zealand)

Luciel Frances (Lucy) Lawless, 35
Acting, Singing

$15 million min

If LUCY Lawless' acting career ends with Xena: Warrior Princess, she could always earn a crust on the celebrity circuit as a lesbian impersonator

As the entertainer herself admits she remains hugely popular with the women in "comfortable shoes", a point illustrated by her appearance on the January cover of the magazine Lesbian News.

They still love Lucy stateside, with headlines in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and others upon the birth of her second child, Judah, which suggests a post-Warrior Princess career is still viable.

There were rumours of a Xena movie but these did not eventuate and the actress seems unable to decide on her next move.

There was a bit part as punk rock girl in the Spiderman movie and she is presenting a documentary on the Discovery Channel. Called Warrior Women from Around The World, Lawless travels to China, Europe and New Mexico discovering warrior women of yesteryear.

Elsewhere, Lawless as continued her charity work for both Starship Hospital and breast-feeding awareness, astonishing New Zealand audiences with her singing talents during a tour with Dave Dobbyn and even acted as ambassador for New Zealand in the US.

Contributed by Lori